Name Formats Description
rail_trail rds Dataset counting the number of people that pass through a sensor on a rail trail
Dataset for Homework 1
titanic csv Dataset about the passengers on the Titanic
Dataset for Homework 2
county-complete rds Dataset of selected variables for 3,143 counties taken from the United States Census
Dataset for PMF and CDF writeups
yawn csv Dataset of yawning experiment performed on Mythbusters television show
2002FemPreg rds Dataset from the National Survey of Family Growth, Cycle 6
Dataset for Homework 4
mariokart rds Dataset from for the game Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii. This data was collected in early October, 2009.
housing training rds
testing rds
Dataset from the NYC Department of Finance reporting market valuations of condominiums for Fiscal Year 2011/2012. Split into a testing and training set.
Dataset for Homework 5